09:30 A system for influencing hypnagogic micro-dreams, Hi Tech & Innovation

08:30 Researchers suggest exoskeletal technology has evolved to embrace the spirit of exoskeletons in science fiction, Robotics

08:00 F-Secure finds a way to hack older RFID based hotel key locks, Security

06:03 NVIDIA researchers raise the bar on image inpainting, Computer Sciences

Apr 25 Researchers use emerging memory devices to develop electronic circuits for cybersecurity applications, Semiconductors

Apr 25 Transparent eel-like soft robot can swim silently underwater, Robotics

Apr 25 Team turns deep-learning AI loose on software development, Computer Sciences

Apr 25 Move over Tupac! Life-size holograms set to revolutionize videoconferencing, Computer Sciences

Apr 25 Change blindness—mobile phone users miss vital information, Consumer & Gadgets

Apr 25 A new technique for making paper touch sensitive inexpensively, Hi Tech & Innovation

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