Sep 22 Handshake team is focused on human-robot interactions, Robotics

Sep 22 'Lego-electronics' offer simple way to assemble integrated circuits, Engineering

Sep 22 Can two clean energy targets break the deadlock of energy and climate policy?, Energy & Green Tech

Sep 21 Football helmet smartfoam signals potential concussions in real time, Engineering

Sep 21 Remora robot able to adhere quickly and strongly to underwater objects, Robotics

Sep 21 Apache vulnerability is reported, Security

Sep 20 Real or fake? Creating fingers to protect identities, Security

Sep 20 System makes modifications necessary to transplant code from one program into another, Computer Sciences

Sep 20 Using Convolutional Neural Network to make 2-D face photo into 3-D wonder, Computer Sciences

Sep 19 Researchers use Wikipedia to give AI context clues, Computer Sciences

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