Jul 23 ASML lithography team turns corner in throughput spec of wafers per hour, Semiconductors

Jul 22 Researcher builds 'Game of Thrones' network model to predict character deaths, Computer Sciences

Jul 21 Ultrathin device harvests electricity from human motion, Energy & Green Tech

Jul 21 Controlling dendrites reveals secret to rechargeable lithium electrode, Energy & Green Tech

Jul 21 Researchers develop wearable ways to 'be your own battery', Energy & Green Tech

Jul 21 Segway/Ninebot MiniPRO: Company addresses some security issues, Security

Jul 21 Deep-learning algorithm recommends ingredients and recipes based on a photo of food, Computer Sciences

Jul 20 Researchers develop a new type of soft, growing robot, Robotics

Jul 20 Earthquake shake tests toward 20-story earthquake-safe buildings made from wood, Engineering

Jul 19 New algorithm, metrics improve autonomous underwater vehicles' energy efficiency, Robotics

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