Jul 11 Exercise-coach watch has self-charging battery system, Consumer & Gadgets

Jun 29 A ring made as identity wearable for opening doors, computer, car, Consumer & Gadgets

Jun 27 Patent talk: Microsoft looks at how to thwart laptop thieves, Consumer & Gadgets

May 11 Scale to serve fuller reality check on your body, Consumer & Gadgets

May 10 Carnegie Mellon team hones tap concept for IoT items, shows prototype phone, Consumer & Gadgets

May 05 A touchable tablet to guide the visually impaired, Consumer & Gadgets

Mar 26 Magic Calendar has e-ink display that evokes paper, Consumer & Gadgets

Mar 25 Laptop to smartphone: I feel like an empty shell without you, Consumer & Gadgets

Mar 22 Hayo will enable magical moves to control your connected home, Consumer & Gadgets

Feb 14 Laid-back browsing, or work, it's all reasonable with Samsung Chromebook Pro, Consumer & Gadgets

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