Sep 10 Fitbit, Dexcom will provide self-management tool for glucose level monitoring, Consumer & Gadgets

Sep 02 Cinera headset for movie theater experience, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 30 Android certified items under safety net of Google Play Protect, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 25 Patent talk: A wand-like input device from Microsoft, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 20 Alexa paired with exoskeleton could bring fresh step in mobility, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 06 Feeling the mobility gap, Sunu Band to help blind and visually impaired, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 05 Surfers turned off by idea of ad tracking to get browsing option in Karma Black, Consumer & Gadgets

Jul 25 HoloLens HPU: Second version will incorporate AI coprocessor, Consumer & Gadgets

Jul 11 Exercise-coach watch has self-charging battery system, Consumer & Gadgets

Jun 29 A ring made as identity wearable for opening doors, computer, car, Consumer & Gadgets

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