Nov 16 Apple Watch, Fitbit can diagnose hypertension and sleep apnea: study, Consumer & Gadgets

Nov 08 Olympus is down to business with smart glasses for work sites, Consumer & Gadgets

Oct 27 DJI draws attention to drone information tech, Consumer & Gadgets

Oct 16 Patent talk: Apple offers strap solutions for satisfying fit, Consumer & Gadgets

Oct 15 Modular portable laptop has sliding keyboard and learning paths, Consumer & Gadgets

Oct 12 Top touch functionality removed on Google Home Mini, Consumer & Gadgets

Sep 30 Light-harvesting smartwatch shines on Kickstarter, Consumer & Gadgets

Sep 27 Engineers create wristbands that keep wearers thermally comfortable, Consumer & Gadgets

Sep 10 Fitbit, Dexcom will provide self-management tool for glucose level monitoring, Consumer & Gadgets

Sep 02 Cinera headset for movie theater experience, Consumer & Gadgets

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