Feb 13 Much ado about words as two Shakespeare sleuths spot old manuscript, Software

Jan 28 Microsoft Garage project Ink to Code works on sketched ideas, Software

Dec 05 Growing up with coding may start with Google Doodle, Software

Nov 30 Mozilla releases transcription model and huge voice dataset, Software

Nov 29 Microsoft Learn Chinese for iOS helps beginners, intermediates, Software

Nov 16 Firefox Quantum is browser overhaul and tryouts hail speed, Software

Nov 02 New home for 3-D objects eases developer leap into VR/AR environments, Software

Oct 31 New 'Furion' software allows untethered, high-quality VR, Software

Sep 24 Mentioning what is hard to mention in chatbot for end-of-life preparation, Software

Sep 13 Privacy streams helps developers create privacy friendly apps, Software

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