Jun 11 Britannica Insights will help searchers cut through noise for good answers, Software

May 24 Hey Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant becomes a personal assistant to software developers, Software

May 04 First-of-its-kind software quickly automates sports analytics, Software

May 02 Researchers develop an app for crowdsourced exercise plans, which rival personal trainers in effectiveness, Software

Apr 25 Bento browser makes it easier to search on mobile devices, Software

Apr 23 JavaScript for beginners: Grasshopper can teach coding, Software

Apr 07 XiaoIce: When a chatbot chat moves up to human-sounding flow, Software

Apr 06 Firefox Reality beckons our browser future, Software

Mar 29 Software automatically generates knitting instructions for 3-D shapes, Software

Mar 26 Cortana Show Me focuses on help with settings, Software

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