Jun 26 Twitter-monitoring system detects riots far quicker than police reports, Software

Jun 18 Papr swipes reveal instant reactions to preprints, Software

May 12 Salesforce announces results of testing its AI text summation software, Software

May 11 Researchers develop crowdsourcing software to convene rapid, on-demand 'flash organizations', Software

May 09 Computer-generated doctor explains test results to patients, Software

May 06 Researchers discuss findings on tracking smartphone user habits, activities with ultrasonic beacons, Software

Apr 30 Google software engineer describes nighttime photography using phones, Software

Apr 23 So what's wrong? Health companion app uses AI, machine learning to ask smart questions, Software

Apr 12 Microsoft patches document exploit vulnerability, Software

Mar 20 New JPEG encoder Guetzli sweetens image-heavy work tasks, Software

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