Nov 08 A 'virtual wall' that improves wireless security and performance, Telecom

Oct 19 New technology to dramatically speed up home broadband, Telecom

Sep 18 Integrated high-speed data and wireless power transfer, Telecom

Jul 19 Mesh networking announcement, new spec from Bluetooth, Telecom

Jun 26 FCC approves OneWeb Internet via satellites, Telecom

Mar 22 New approach speeds up testing of traffic management solutions for data center networks, Telecom

Oct 02 IEEE P802.3bz: New Ethernet standard ratified, Telecom

Aug 23 Programmable network routers provide more flexible traffic management without sacrificing speed, Telecom

Jun 30 Wi-Fi Alliance continues tech advance with WiFi 802.11ac Wave 2, Telecom

May 25 Wireless study predicts trouble and solution for 5G cellular, Telecom

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