Nov 14 How a wall of lamps in an office lobby supports randomness, Computer Sciences

Nov 14 New technology makes artificial intelligence more private and portable, Computer Sciences

Nov 13 Supercomputing speeds up deep learning training, Computer Sciences

Nov 06 Multi-racial facial recognition system provides more accurate results, study says, Computer Sciences

Nov 03 When is a baseball espresso? Neural network tricked and it is no joke, Computer Sciences

Oct 31 When two competing neural networks result in photorealistic face, Computer Sciences

Oct 27 Vicarious AI team reveals how it defeated CAPTCHA, Computer Sciences

Oct 27 AI method to upscale low-resolution images to high-resolution, Computer Sciences

Oct 26 AI is unleashed to sift through data piles for readable reports, Computer Sciences

Oct 25 First white-box testing model finds thousands of errors in self-driving cars, Computer Sciences

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